Be aware! Think ahead! Plan!

That was the core message of the family and personal safety and security presentation at the monthly HCPF patrol meeting on Tuesday, August 13.

Recently in Venezuela, the country was blacked out for two weeks – no power, communications, transport, water, food, money, medical care … hopefully we never have to face that, but if we did, what would you do? How would you cook, wash, light your home? Think about it. See

On a more prosaic level, what would you do if you were held up, if there were intruders in your yard, or if the house was on fire?

Do you have a safe place, an emergency route, an escape plan? Do you have a box of tools in your bedroom to help you break out if necessary?

Does your family know your escape plan? Do they know where the keys, torches, weapons and emergency supplies are kept?

Is your home secure? Do you have burglar proofing, outside beams, a monitored alarm and outside lights? Does your family know how they work?

Do you always take the same route home? Do you open your gate remotely before you get to it? Could you be ambushed? Do you have a spotlight shining straight into your eyes as you turn in? If you do, you won’t see anyone lying in wait.

The best way to get out of a bad situation, is not to be in that situation in the first place.

Be aware, think ahead, plan.

Be safe!


News: August 2021

In the last two months crime has been relatively quiet in our village.

Members of the HCPF show off the beanies knitted for patrollers by Drienie Naude (right)

News: June 2021

Exactly a year ago our reality was hard lockdown.

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