HCPF Chairman Letter – 13 November 2019


I woke up during the night with rain falling on the roof and a sense of pride fills me. Proud to be part of this community of Henley, and of the greater Midvaal.

With a house fire recently and the family losing all their belongings in the fire and not having insurance, this community rallied behind them to help, form Orchards Academy where the kids go to school, The Lions, etc. There are too many to even try and mention at this stage. We will do a combined statement once we are done. (Hope)

Our monthly patrol / community / crime / safety meeting, last night 12th November went exceptionally well, and we had a record amount of people attending (62). For us fighting crime and being the eyes and the ears of SAPS this is what it is all about, looking after one another. Although crime have risen for the month of October it is already lower in November. (Hope)

A personal thanks to everyone, from a thank you message every time a patroller comes from duty, attending meetings, interacting in crime discussions, donating either your time or by any other means that you can contribute. This is what it is all about – HOPE

To everyone going on holiday within next month or so, be safe and come back to this amazing place we call home. (Hope)

Marcel Esterhuysen
HCPF Chairman