Lockdown eases and criminals are back in business

“Statistics show that crime levels are getting back to normal as the lockdown is relaxed”

Membership to the Henley on Klip Community Police Forum (HCPF) gives you:

Access to HCPF emergency number (081 813 3912) and Namola safety app
Access to Telegram (not WhatsApp) groups with real-time communication
Access to two-way radio network (purchase and annual licence fee)

Access to HCPF team (controller, patroller, responder)

“Eyes and Ears” – your observations/reports count!

HOW CAN YOU FIT INTO THE Henley on Klip Community Police Forum?

Rostered radio-operators for daily radio checks and emergencies (command centre)

Patrollers need SAPS Clearance
Visible patrols on 2-hour shifts, minimum twice a month (4 hours), and always in pairs
Looking for suspicious vehicles, persons, activity – NO confrontation
Call for back-up if necessary

A patroller who responds to emergencies – accidents, back-up, perimeter security
Traffic control as required
Medical assistance if qualified

Patroller AND Responder
A small group of patrollers and responders with ADVANCED training or experience
On STANDBY as back-up for patrollers and responders, or to assist as requested by SAPS


Victim Empowerment



All Henley on Klip residents are invited to join the Henley on Klip Community Police Forum.

Please e-mail hokcpf@gmail.com or SMS/Telegram/WhatsApp 076 881 8437 for an application form.

Henley On Klip CPF – EMERGENCY– 081 813 3912 (Phone calls ONLY)
HCPF – SMS/Telegram/WhatsApp – 076 881 8437 (ONLY Messaging)
E-mail hokcpf@gmail.com or visit www.henley-cpf.co.za
HCPF on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/hokcpf/
HCPF Broadcasts on Telegram: https://t.me/hokcpf


Community Police Forum

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I wish everyone in Henley on Klip a happy and prosperous 2021.

HCPF. Photo: Terry Jansen.

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