News: September 2020

Dear Residents

After a long and hard road, the first Henley Community Police Forum (HCPF) cameras are up, monitoring  traffic in and out of the village and equipped with automatic number plate recognition (ANPR).

The next set will be erected as funds become available. The long-term project was paid by donations and HCPF fundraising.

A special thanks to

• Anthony Hawley from Antley Group Pty Ltd for the poles on which the cameras are mounted.

• Alan and Karen Pepper from Bass Lake for use of their facilities for our fundraisers.

• D & D Tactical for alarm system and monitoring at the HCPF Command Centre (HCC).

• Henley on Klip Lions Club for the use of their hall for fundraisers.

• Jose da Silva for the use of the property for the HCC.

• ISP as data sponsor over the last year.

• Every community member supporting our fundraisers and “boerie sales”.

• HCPF Committee and the members of the HCPF.

There are too many to mention by name, so please forgive me if I left someone out.

As our CCTV network grows, so do our running costs. We still need your contributions and support for our HCPF fundraisers. Besides the cameras, we need to pay monthly for water, electricity, data, Snipr™ (ANPR) fees and maintenance.

All these funds are accounted for. Feedback is given once a year at our AGM, as per our constitution, governed by SAPS and GPCPB on national and provincial level.

Thanks to those still helping people in need; the silent warriors working in the shadows after hours.

The HCC is manned on Saturdays between 09:00 to12:00.

Stay safe.

HCPF general enquiries can be sent via SMS to 076 881 8437.

Emergencies: 081 813 3912

HCPF Chairman

Marcel Esterhuysen


News: August 2021

In the last two months crime has been relatively quiet in our village.

Members of the HCPF show off the beanies knitted for patrollers by Drienie Naude (right)

News: June 2021

Exactly a year ago our reality was hard lockdown.

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