News: November 2020

HCPF. Photo: Terry Jansen.

Dear Residents

This month I wanted to give more feedback about the HCPF Command Centre, but, alas, with the crime spike and five armed robberies in 17 days for October 2020, I thought I’d better talk about crime and who/what the HCPF is all about.

The Henley on Klip Community Policing Forum (HCPF) is a body established in terms of the South African Police Service Act, Act 68 of 1995, to be a link between the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the community.

We (HCPF) are not an armed response company, but we do work in cooperation and conjunction with the Meyerton SAPS and security service providers in Henley on Klip area.

The HCPF is made up of concerned residents living in and around Henley on Klip who volunteer their time and resources without compensation to serve the community. They patrol our neighbourhood to make a difference in reducing crime. The HCPF passes on all relevant information gathered from the community to SAPS to help curb criminal activity.

In the last census of 2011, Henley had a population of 5 874 people comprising 1 806 households. Currently HCPF has 299 members out of 5 874 residents (5.09%) of which 239 members (4%) are active on our Telegram groups. We have 47 active members out of 299 members (15.7%) that do patrols and radio check ins, members that are actively trying their best in the fight against crime.

Crime does not know colour, social standing or heritage, crime affects us all. We as a community need to stand together. We cannot let egos and entitlement stand in our way of achieving our end goal of living and working in a village free of crime. By joining the HCPF, the community can assist in combating crime.

Remember when phoning the HCPF emergency number, keep it as short as possible, giving the relevant information for the EMERGENCY, #1) time is of the essence and needs to be relayed for response and #2) there might be another call waiting.

On joining, HCPF members are added to the HCPF’s Telegram groups which include first responders and HCPF patrollers. The aim of these groups is to assist and cooperate, help one another to combat crime and make a safer community. Members are encouraged to download the free Namola app to “Get Help Fast”.

We as a community ONLY have a fighting chance if we stand together as one against crime and criminal activities! Thank you to everyone who is willing and able to do something.

Stay safe.

HCPF general enquiries can be sent via SMS to 076 881 8437

Emergencies  081 813 3912

HCPF Chairman

Marcel Esterhuysen


News: August 2021

In the last two months crime has been relatively quiet in our village.

Members of the HCPF show off the beanies knitted for patrollers by Drienie Naude (right)

News: June 2021

Exactly a year ago our reality was hard lockdown.

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