News: December 2020

HCPF. Photo: Terry Jansen.

Dear Residents

With a heavy heart I need to inform you of yet another home invasion in Henley on Klip. This has been the 11th armed robbery since October 14.

It is very possible that there will be more before this letter goes to print, with yet more families undergoing unnecessary trauma. “Unnecessary,” I say, because, in a sense, we as a community allowed it to happen.

Can we prevent it?

I personally believe that we can, if we stand together and become more visible in our fight against crime.

We can prevent it, if we, as a community, start accepting that we live in a country where crime is rife, even here in Henley on Klip. We have criminals among us.

We need to safeguard ourselves and our personal belongings, and we need to make sure our neighbours are safe. We need to make it as difficult as possible for intruders enter, not only our homes, but also our properties.

All crimes, break-ins, attempted break-ins and thefts must be reported, not only for insurance claims, but to provide the South African Police Service with the correct crime statistics for our village.

• If SAPS do not know about the crime, they will not investigate it.

• Accurate crime stats give SAPS more leverage to request extra police officers, vehicles etc.

• It gives the police a time frame and indicates hot spots.

• Fingerprints could be lifted to link existing or future cases.

• Criminals always leave something behind.

• It helps determine the modus operandi of criminals.

We, as a community, ONLY have a fighting chance if we stand together as one against crime and criminal activities!

Thank you to everyone who is willing and able to do something. Please be vigilant, not only between 18:00 – 21:00, but all other times of the day as well.

Festive greetings to all on the roads in the next weeks; enjoy a well-deserved break and rest. May 2021 be prosperous for every resident.

Stay safe.

HCPF general enquiries can be sent via SMS to 076 881 8437

Emergencies 081 813 3912

HCPF Chairman

Marcel Esterhuysen


News: August 2021

In the last two months crime has been relatively quiet in our village.

Members of the HCPF show off the beanies knitted for patrollers by Drienie Naude (right)

News: June 2021

Exactly a year ago our reality was hard lockdown.

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