News: June 2021

Members of the HCPF show off the beanies knitted for patrollers by Drienie Naude (right)

Dear Residents

AGM 2021: The Annual General Meeting of the Henley on Klip Community Police Forum (HCPF) will be held on Saturday 26 June 2021 at 15:00 at the O’Connor Hall, 2 Pretorius Street. We would love to invite the whole village, but due to the current Covid-19 regulations we are only allowed 50% capacity of the hall which we need for patrollers and friends of the HCPF. If you wish to join us, please send an e-mail to or SMS to 076 881 8437 to book your spot. We will confirm your booking or decline depending on availability.

Crime stats and SAPS Meyerton: Residents have complained to the HCPF that SAPS Meyerton does not want to open cases. I have taken this up with SAPS Meyerton management, Vispol Commander Captain Van Rooyen. She says she is aware of such instances and will investigate and resolve the matter urgently.

SAPS must open cases and cannot decline you that right! If an officer refuses, inform the HCPF as soon as possible or ask for the shift or station commander. I/we need to bring it under the Vispol Commander’s attention for SAPS to follow the necessary disciplinary procedures. Cases must be opened so the SAPS can act on intelligence and be pro-active. If we do not report or open cases, then there is NO CRIME!

Without crime, the national budget gets cut (as it was for the last financial year). Without crime, SAPS Meyerton will be overlooked and will not get new officers or vehicles. So please report all crimes!

Two-way radios: We use two-way radios to communicate and are in the process of going digital and closing our analogue signal for good. Digital provides a more secure communication channel for our patrollers and members. A digital radio is costly, but there are alternatives. One is loading Zello via the app store. We will assist to get you on the right channel which will be linked to our digital radio network when we switch off the analogue signal by the end of June 2021. Come and see us at the HCC on Saturdays.

HCC: (Command Centre, corner Ewelme and Henley Drive): The HCC will be open Saturday mornings 09:00 – 12:00. Come and visit us, learn more about what we do and find out where you can fit in. There is a place for everyone. We at the HCPF are all volunteers. We are not paid; we are not an armed response company. We strive to make our village safe.

HCPF General Enquiries SMS ONLY to 076 881 8437

Emergencies only 081 813 3912
(Please note that you will be cut short if this is not an emergency – someone’s life could be in danger.)

HCPF Chairman

Marcel Esterhuysen


News: August 2021

In the last two months crime has been relatively quiet in our village.

News: April 2021

Crime and two-way radio

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